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Yo, What's Up!!! Nice to. see you! Thanks for coming by. 

First of all, Thanks to The Bob And Tom Show!  They've been spinning "There's A Picture" and I'm getting all sorts of downloads and fan contact.  How cool is that?  You can download the track (or the whole CD) at iTunes. You can also purchase an actual CD.

And February 25th, Tuesday, I'll be Live on the Bob and Tom show!

Ways to listen:

Web:  live on

Phone:download the iheart app on your smart phone and listen anywhere in the world on Q95,

Radio: list of stations -

Web Video: Join the Bob and Tom VIP club and watch the Live Streaming Video at


So, well, I could be all cheeky and try to dazzle you with meaningless diatribes, replete with vocabulary I learned ten minutes prior, but I'll leave that to my blog page.  Go there for that.

Here I'll just say hi. And post a few videos.  The first is from the Laugh Factory:

And now, 

some commercials I did recently for The Aristocrat.







Still here?  Check out some of the links to the right.  Enjoy. 

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