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Hi there.

Hello, Everyone. This is my site. It’s brand new. Jimmy Lee Wirt has been kind enough to put it together for me. In the age of way too many ways to connect with people, the standard website is still key. Or so I tell myself between twiddling hours away on Facebook and minutes on Twitter. Of course having .com after your name does give a certain connotation to who you are as a person. A commercial website. Which is to say, the website is a commercial. An interactive, multilayered commercial. For Me. Eric Schwartz. Not necessarily for a product, though products can be found and purchased via this site. But for me, as if I am myself a commercial entity. As if I, myself, am a commodity to be exploited for financial gain. Except a commercial site is not a commercial spot. Or it is, but the entertainment it is designed to provide is, perhaps, more substantial. And since it’s a commercial for an entertainment creator/creation (as opposed to a commercial for a toilet cleaner [though some artists do clean toilets to make ends meet] [(There’s an “ends” joke in there somewhere)]) one would imagine that this site should be doubly entertaining.

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Hello world!

Hey Schwartzheads.  Does that work? Sounds a bit obscene, or half-German for blackhead.  Sorry. Anyway, here we are.  New site. Pretty self-explanatory, but wanted to hip you to one more thing. I’ll be in Europe in April, starting at the ÉCU film festival, April 10-12, then tooling around Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Check back or email me for more details.  Thanks to Chicago Mike at Access Film for setting this up!   Welcome.  Hang out.  Grab a coffee, beer or some other diuretic and have a looksie. And thanks for stopping by, San Diego.
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